Celebration of Marriage

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St Hydroc's church was decorated with special floral decorations, wedding dresses, wedding Orders of Service, and wedding day photographs for our Sunday morning service on the 28th October 2018. So strong was the wedding theme that someone who had turned up for the morning service, expecting it to be Matins, asked if a wedding was taking place. It wasn't a wedding, but it was a service to celebrate weddings and marriage.

Our church at Lanhydrock has always been popular with wedding couples and on average we conduct around 15 weddings a year. However, like many other churches, we only see a few of those couples returning on a regular basis after the wedding has taken place.

In 2013 one of the members of our congregation suggested that a special service to celebrate the institution of marriage, and a personal invitation to couples who had married in the church to join us, might encourage some of  them to return. The idea was that couples would be able to join with other couples, to celebrate marriage and to rededicate themselves to each other, and the first service was held in October 2013. The service contains elements that couples would have experienced at at their own weddings including two popular wedding bible readings and during the service couples make the promise of continuing commitment to each other with the words "Of my own free will, I chose to share my life with you. With, and in, that greater love I afirm, renew and deepen my promise to honour you as God's home and to be loyal to you."

This year marked the sixth occasion on which this service has been held and it continues to grow in popularity. Over 60 people attended the service and many of them stayed on afterwards for refreshments, which included cake specially made by one of the members of our congregation. She and her husband celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary last year and her dress was one of those decorating the altar. Over tea, coffee, biscuits and cake couples shared their experiences of that 'special day' and also had some fun trying to identify people from their wedding day photographs, not made any easier when the wedding day was a while ago.

The service is always held on the fourth Sunday in October and while specific invitations are only sent to those who have married in the church over the last few years anyone wishing to celebrate their own marriage would be more than welcome to join us.

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